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Combat Arts are of three types:


Traditional Martial arts have traditional technique and are used in sport & Street fighting to overpower and injure the opponent.


Defensive Tactics

are used by the Law Enforcement to control, subdue & capture Law breakers without causing grevious injury.


Military Martial Arts -Unarmed Combat Arts

have only one aim, to eliminate in the fastest & simplest possible way. Period



In Britain

Military Close Quarter Combat (CQB) Arts are very different from Civilian Martial Arts. Tracing the development of Military Martial Arts (Now also called ‘Combatives’), it all started with World War II, when British Army started developing a quick system of Hand to Hand Combat called UAC. This was hastily compiled with major influence by judo & wrestling.  Thus they used to catch a punch, grab a kick, grab a bayonet thrust at them and throw! Very impractical, but this method spread all over the allies as UAC.


In China

In 1926, William Fairbairn developed “Defendu” derived from Chinese Martial Arts and Kodokan Judo. Defendu was developed to train the  Shanghai Police and was later taught in expanded form to  the American OSS and SOE members during World War II. Fairbairn was called upon by the British to help train Allied Troops in World War II.



The US OSS Col Rex Applegate decided to modernize Hand to Hand Combat. He wrote the famous manual “Kill or Be Killed” which was another Defendu or old Fairburns art derivation. With predominately Judo- Wrestling influence on Military H2H. He also emphasized “Quick Pistol Shooting” Techniques in CQB & use of Fairbairn Sykes knife in cutting Windpipe for Sentry Termination. This became the US Marines FM Manual. In 2000, this Manual of CQB UAC course was derived from Brazilian variation of Judo (BJJ) and Russian Sambo, a sport wrestling.


So it is obvious that all these military martial arts were based on Civilian martial arts & restricted to one or other kind of wrestling art, hence narrow in technique & application.


In Israel

An Instructor in Physical training for Isreali Defense forces, Imi Litchinfield developed a newer system of military martial art. This art was modified for civilian application and called Krav Maga. The military version is popularly known as Hagannah.


ACCS: The Indian CQB Art

In India, the Dr. Rao couple,  Prof. Dr. Deepak Rao and Dr. Seema Rao were passionately involved with modernizing Military close combat martial arts from 1994. Their art ACCS: Advanced Commando Combat System included skills which could be learnt quickly without much precision training and used at vital points to kill. Bayonet techniques, Sentry Termination techniques & Reflex Shooting techniques, along with principles of Mob fighting (like putting the Mob components in a straight line in order to neutralize the numbers), Weapons Defence, Concepts of Line of Fire, Arc of Thrust of a Edged Weapon, etc were redeveloped after thorough research.


ACCS is well known for its innovative technique of of close quarter shooting, which has been predominantly developed for CQB operations for use of the Indian forces by the Rao’s. This technique called "Reflex Shooting (Rao system)" is different in two respects, in that it advocates carrying the rifle barrel pointing upwards during engaging target and in aiming only with the foresight to reduce time taken to shoot. The forces have used this application to reduce their reaction time and improve shooting accuracy.


This art of ACCS has been studied and trained in, by many Indian Forces. From last 15 years till date 15,000 soldiers have been trained in this modern method without any compensation by the Rao couple. ACCS is the newest and most modern military martial art to hit the world after Krav Maga.


Bison System

The Bison system is the Unarmed Combat Skills of the Advanced Commando Combat System



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