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Unarmed Combat Military Martial Arts Krav maga Commando Training Mumbai INDIA

Directors Profile: Dr. Deepak Rao Dr. Seema Rao India ( Richard Bustillo Military Jeet Kune Do )

Citizens Dissater Management Training Program Mumbai India
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         Two Close Quarter Battle Specialists, Prof. Dr. Deepak Rao & Dr. Seema Rao have been training Indian Forces since 1994 in Close Combat Ops.  Prof. Dr. Rao, a 8th Deg Black Belt in Military Martial Arts, has a Doctorate in Military Science, MD in Medicine and a prestigious Law Enforcement Certification from American society of LE Training. Dr. Seema, a 6th Deg Black Belt (military martial Arts) has an MBA in Crisis Mgt, an MD in Medicine & a Honora Doctoris PhD in Martial Science from Indiana University. She is Parachute qualified from IAF Skydiving Adv cell. Both Raos are guest instructors in Combat shooting & Close quarter battle for the Indian forces since almost 2 decades.They have been involved in researching, innovating and modernizing the Counter terror training. They were graced by the Army Chief citation in 2001 & in 2005 for their research.

       The doctor couple derive inspiration from their Teacher, Sifu Richard Bustillo, Original student of legendary Bruce Lee. They have been ardent Jeet Kune Do enthusiasts and martial artists since decades. Their intense desire to be associated with Bruce Lee’s JKD was satisfied when Richard Bustillo took them as his private students. While teaching the Raos the skills of Bruce Lee’s art, he kept the emphasis on the defining concepts of Jeet Kune Do. He groomed the Rao’s  in the JKD CONCEPTS of Researching the subject at hand, Absorbing the useful while Rejecting the limitations and finally assimilating it  into your situation and Tailor making it to your requirement. He taught them that simplicity as in fewer resources, directness and efficiency may be used to decide what is useful and reject what is a limitation, in order to innovate the traditional practices as and when they fail.

           The Rao couple took Bustillos teaching seriously. They applied it to their work for the Indian forces. They began researching the conventional WW2 methods of Close Quarter Battle with a newer perspective. The Jeet Kune Do perspective. They started researching the existing methodology of Close Combat, especially the combat shooting methodology.

           They wondered why the Rifle was raised from below upwards for aligning the butt with the firer’s shoulder during snap shooting, using open mindedness. The directness principle was violated. Instead they experimented with lowering the Rifle from above, moving in a shorter arc (economy of movement) using gravity, rather than opposing it (fluidity). They advocated aiming only with the foresight at close quarters as opposed to aiming with foresight & hindsight (simplicity – fewer resources). They perfected the newer JKD shooting method by working on finer aspects and specifications of the technique. Via scientific trials they demonstrated that the JKD method produces faster reaction time while not compromising on precision (effectivity).

                     Then started the colossal task of convincing the Indian forces of the efficiency and benefits of this method (Non Traditional / Non Conditional). They worked with many elite Indian forces endlessly, proving their point. They trained about 15,000 soldiers from the Indian forces over 17 years. All of the Raos work was done without compensation, as a Selfless service to their country.

                        During the process, Dr. Deepak dislocated his knee and was bedridden for almost six months. He was encouraged by his Teacher, Richard Bustillo, to not give up, and work towards recovery. Sifu Bustillo would e mail him every day, call up a few times and keep motivating him. Due to this never ending encouragement, Dr. Rao recovered and was back into the training arena. At other times, the resistance of the system to change was overwhelming. The Rao couple were beginning to give up, having lost all hope, facing  loads of resistance to their innovation. But Sifu Bustillo would urge them to stand up and keep fighting. There is light at the end of the tunnel, he would say and the Raos kept walking.

                    Ultimately, the Forces top brass ordered a systematic study into their technique. Finally under directive of the Forces Commanders, the Rao’s JKD technique of Reflex Shooting and other CQB innovations was incorporated into the official Counter Terror Training curriculum in 2006-7. The Raos received the World Peace Diplomat Award from the World Peace Congress 2008 at the hands of the Malaysian PM in recognition of their selfless service.   

                 The Rao’s extensively applied JKD to Close quarter battle skills resulting in the art “ACCS- Advanced Commando Combat System” The Unarmed combat component of which is known today as the Bison System. The Raos then incorporated their research into their book “Encyclopaedia of Close Combat Ops” in 2009. They produced this book using all the money they had earned over the years. This book was gifted to the Indian Forces. The Home Minister of India felicitated the Rao couple for their work and ordered distribution of the Raos research book to its every force in the country. The Rao’s book was accepted and appreciated by the Queen of UK-Buckingham Palace, Office of the Interpol Secretary General & the FBI Director and placed in their libraries. The book is currently being distributed to all major Law enforcement agencies in all major cities of the USA & the world by the Rao’s, for their benefit, without any charges or compensation, as a service to the international LE community, to aid the fight against terror.

                Today the torch of Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do is carried by a few good men. Sifu Richard Bustillo, the Iron Dragon of JKD, continues to educate his students worldwide in Jeet Kune Do. His second generation JKD instructors like the Rao’s  have taken Bustillo Jeet Kune Do and applied it to many aspects of life. The Raos stand testimony to  JKD touching the military in every facet of Close Quarter Battle. What is more important is that the Raos have made sure that their research & work of their life is available to all the forces who are involved in the fight for terror.

                 Close combat ops will never be the same, it will continue to evolve in its global fight against terror. In every bullet that finds its place in the terrorist heart, the  JKD concept will make its mark.  

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